LightHouse Megashield (125 µm) – 1.2m x 100m Roll

Reflect light for maximum growth

High quality British Made Reflective sheeting which will maximise the use of light in your growroom. Also used to cover floors, walls and ceilings! LightHouse MegaShield is a black and silver zero thermal radiation reflective polypropylene sheet that works in a similar way to ADF film but is more advanced. It is infused with metals that give it special properties that are highly reflective, completely light tight and stops infrared heat from being emitted, bouncing it back into the room. Ideal if you need to keep control of your growing environment.


LightHouse® LITE is the budget tent, for the grower who wants no frills.


Lighthouse® MAX is the premium tent, for the grower who wants no compromises.


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